Time to Comeback Fighting

Sean McGlinchey, an amateur boxer from Londonderry, won a bronze medal at the Commonwealth Games and has spoken out about his battle with depression.

Sportspeople and other influential personalities speaking about their experiences of overcoming mental health problems are key to men, women, children and young people also sharing with others about how they are feeling.

The difficulty is the shame we can all feel when the ‘Black Dog’ which Winston Churchill apparently called his depression, first appears or returns when we feel and hope, that it is never to return.

Then we may also feel that we don’t want other people to know that we feel low, that we’ll bring other people down or maybe that other people won’t understand.

There is also of course, the feeling that having depression is a sign of weakness, which of course it is not.

I have the privilege of spending time with todays Superheroes in Counselling Sessions every day of the week.

It’s about changing perception and things are changing for the better. Maybe slowly at times but they are.

That’s why having Boxers and Ex-military speaking out about their struggles with mental health are key.

Have a Great Day Everyone!

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