Corporate Counselling

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One of the services that Counselling Minds provide is Corporate Counselling. It may be that an employee in the private or public sector has been absent from work for a while or is experiencing personal difficulties. Perhaps there is a relationship breakdown, bereavement, financial worry or family illness. The staff member may be facing redundancy, a disciplinary or dismissal. Maybe he or she is involved in a work-related dispute, is using alcohol or drugs as a coping mechanism, or is struggling to adapt to changes within the company or in their role.

How Can Counselling Benefit a Business or Organisation?


If an employee is experiencing a period of stress and anxiety, he or she may be unable to perform to the best of their ability. Also, there may be an adverse impact on a department’s morale, performance and productivity.


The evolution of employment law and health and safety legislation has increasingly driven the need for adequate counselling support. However, employees are often reluctant to confide in their employer, no matter how supportive the manager or business owner is. Staff may be fearful of the outcome if they decide to open up about what is bothering them.

Being offered independent, confidential counselling can be a huge relief. It provides an opportunity to explore an issue and reflect upon an employee’s contribution. The counselling is impartial and objective, and therefore allows an individual to see the bigger picture.

How Many Sessions?

Most companies offer their employees up to six weekly sessions of counselling. 

In addition, employees have the option of continuing beyond the set number of company-paid sessions by booking counselling privately.


What are the Costs Involved?

National counselling schemes often require payment for a package of services including mediation, consultancy, legal advice and life coaching. The fees are usually calculated on the total number of employees, regardless of whether they make use of the different services or not. 


But at Counselling Minds our corporate package doesn’t require any upfront or hidden costs, because you will only pay for the sessions you have agreed to. This means you will only be charged for the sessions your employees book.

We believe our service will allow any organisation the benefit of offering high quality counselling to its staff at an affordable price. more...

What Now?


If you are an employer, get in touch now and we’ll be delighted to explain how we can work with you to improve your employees’ mental health. But remember, counselling is not a substitute for medical or psychiatric consultation, advice or diagnosis.

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