New, Old, Thinking Needed to save our Young People & In Turn, Us All...

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Below is a link to a BBC News report about knife crime in the UK. Please watch if you get chance.

The NHS’s first Clinical Director for Violence Reduction, Martin Griffiths, is featured in the report. He’s based at the Royal London Hospital, whose trauma unit is regarded as one of the busiest in Europe.

While studying at Medical School, over two decades ago, a member of his family was killed in a knife attack and this drove him to specialise in trauma surgery.

He has ideas about talking to young people, about finding out what drives them to join gangs. To find out if they are housed, fed and nurtured properly. Simple solutions that cost money and time but in the long run save money and time.

If our young people are invested in, then the Country benefits. We all benefit. Our society benefits.

If families are helped and nurtured then there is better social cohesion. People will feel they belong to something. They will feel that they have opportunities to better themselves and make better lives legitimately.

If we look at causes instead of just trying to paper over the cracks then in the long run, we’ll have a more united society. These problems aren’t just in our cities; they are coming to a high street near us all.

We need New, Old, Thinking. Joined-up solutions.

Thanks for reading.

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